Welcome to our newly designed twinepidemic.com website. The Advisory Board on Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Heart disease among ethnic communities was convened on June 23, 2007, to address the co-morbid condition of diabetes and heart disease and examine the growing body of evidence from diverse sources. The task force was formed to include several endocrinologists, cardiologists, diabetologists nephrologists and epidemiologists from India, Europe, Canada and the United States. They were selected based on their expertise in this combined field. Several meetings were conducted along with the prominent meetings in different countries and a major need was felt to address the objectives of the combined prevalence of diabetes and Heart disease to implement strategies for prevention and intervention. As South Asians scale to new heights of accomplishment and assimilate and integrate into mainstream society, the nutritional transition mixed with unleashing of consumer aspirations has led to an increased prevalence of this twin epidemic. Our website is being developed with the hope that it will be easier to find and share resources, develop collaborative concepts and new ideas to strengthen policies and practices to quell this epidemic. We continue to be inspired by the passion and dedication we see in our advisory board members. Through this website, we will continue to serve as a platform to celebrate the activities of those making an impact on people’s lives through diabetes and heart disease education, research and intervention in multiple ethnic communities around the world. We will continue to analyze the challenges and strive to find solutions through education and intervention. Twinepidemic, Inc is a 501(c) (3), a nonprofit organization created to conduct educational programs, research, registries, and disseminate information through lectures, symposia, conferences, health fairs and work as a forum for reduction of diabetes and heart disease through consultation, communication, and intervention. As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible, we have created a more navigable website with additional resources, better tools, and a visual design to support your knowledge base. Stay tuned in the coming months for new resources in each of these areas. I invite you to join this new phase of our journey as a community. Share your ideas, articulate your opinions, advocate your causes and show your support. The process of tax-deductible donations and becoming a volunteer has been made very easy at this website. Please feel free to share your ideas on improving this website and any additional information to be added that might have a favorable impact on the prevention of diabetes and heart disease around the world.


Kris Vijay, MD President,

Twinepidemic, Inc